Name: Ollie Rae


Club: Carlton Cricket Club


How and why did you get involved in cricket? 
I watched cricket with my mum and grandma from an early age and when my brother started playing at a local club I would go and watch him train and play on the side-lines. One day, the coach came over and asked me to join in with the boys! I was 6 years old at the time and have loved playing ever since!


Any family connections to sport? 
Not that I'm aware of...


Your first ever sporting success? (doesn’t have to be cricket related!) My first sporting memory is of winning the egg and spoon race at a primary school sports day but I can't remember how old I was...


First international / ‘big time’ call-up?

Scotland V Japan 2013


What is your biggest passion away from sport? 
Aside from playing, coaching cricket is my passion.