Name: Nadia Wheeler


Club: Ferguslie Cricket Club


How and why did you get involved in cricket? Cricket has been a huge part of my life for a long time now which is all down to a very enthusiastic primary school teacher who was keen to show his students how great the game is. As I grew up in a small village in Lancashire, cricket seemed to be all around me and it wasn't long before I got involved with the local village team.


Any family connections to the sport? All of my family are avid cricket supporters and love the game. In fact, my mission for the summer is to turn my 5 year old brother into the all-round cricketer that I have always strived to be (no pressure little bro!).


Your first ever sporting success? My first sporting success will probably have been getting my dolphin certificate for swimming, although the credibility for that to be classed as a "sporting success" is debatable!


First International/'big time' call up: I had been training with the Scotland squad over the winter months after moving across the boarder at U15 level when I was delighted to have been selected to play in the first senior fixture of the season which was away at Hampshire. Five years later, the memory of my Scotland debut is still fresh in my memory as I can still recall the date and result of the games! Despite having more caps under my belt now, I still am immensely proud and excited whenever I am selected to represent my country and I doubt that the novelty of having such an opportunity will wear off anytime soon!


What is your biggest passion away from the sport? I am currently studying law so a considerable amount of my time is dedicated to pursuing my ambition to become a lawyer. Aside from university and cricket, I spend any free time that I have with my family and friends to ensure that I never have any dull moments!