Name: Kathryn White

Club: St Boswells

How and why did you get involved in cricket? 
I got involved in cricket when I was in primary school when the unforgettable Raymond Bond came around the schools doing taster sessions. I enjoyed it that much I kept going and joined the local club, Stirling County. I was fortunate that it was just around the corner and my parents didn’t mind me going because I could walk there. The rest they say is history lol


Any family connections to sport? 

Dad used to play and coach badminton and always reminds us of the good old days when he used to play against Bruce Russell (former Scotland cricketer) and Judy Murray (mum of Andy)

Your first ever sporting success? (doesn’t have to be cricket related!)

Too old too remember that far back so had to ask my mum. But she thinks it was probably representing St Ninians Primary school in the kwik cricket festival. To give you an idea of how long ago it was sponsored by Wrigley’s (chewing gum) and we played at Stirling Albions old football ground Annfield.


First international / ‘big time’ call-up?

Played in the first official Scottish womens match way back in 2000.


What is your biggest passion away from sport? 

Easy, my family, especially my partner Julie and our 16month old son Ryan. Without their support I wouldn’t be in the position I am to continue to represent my country to the best of my ability.