Name: Annette Drummond


Club: Carlton


How and why did you get involved in cricket?

I come from Meigle which is a cricketing village, so I was surrounded by cricket from a very young age. Playing/watching cricket was just what you did in the summer and made for some brilliant weekends.


Any family connections to sport?

Absolutely! My brother is Gordon Drummond, the former captain of the Scotland men's team. My other brother Peter also plays for Meigle, and my dad and Grandad both played. In the last ever game I played with my Dad, he scored a brilliant hundred! He'll be chuffed if I mention that one...


Your first ever sporting success? (doesn’t have to be cricket related!)

I was the top goalscorer for St Johnstone Ladies FC for 3 years running, and one year they modelled the trophy on my boots at the time. That was pretty special.


First international / ‘big time’ call-up?

Not sure, I think it was around about the time I owned a Nokia 3210 with removable covers and thought I was the business.


What is your biggest passion away from sport?

I love my job. I work for GSi Events, the company behind the Edinburgh Marathon Festival and lots of other running events. Working in a sporting environment and being involved with people raising millions for charity is definitely a motivator to get out of bed in the morning. I also love beetroot, and believe that everyone should eat it at least once a day.